Features to look for when you are selecting your drone

Have you already joined the drone craze? Or, are you only planning to buy your first drone? Before you start comparing feature lists and prices, you should know what you want to have from your device and how you are going to use it. In this article, we will give you a list of features you should consider when you start picking a drone.

  1. Price. In fact, you will be surprised to discover how much drones can vary in this respect. The problem with their price is that it is not always indicative of quality. If you do not want to waste hundreds of dollars on features you will never use, you should learn to set priorities.
  2. Battery life. Like any other gadget, your drone will have to be charged. Try to choose a model with a flight time exceeding 30 minutes.
  3. Motor. Brushless motors are more expensive but have a longer lifespan and quieter operation.
  4. Camera. If you are looking for quality photos, make close attention to camera specs. Also, some drones have a built-in camera while others allow you to attach your own.
  5. Headless mode. This mode is helpful if you are a beginner because it makes the drone to move in the direction relative to you rather to the point where your joystick is pointing.
  6. GPS. Some models have integrated GPS that help your drone to find its way home and improves its general stability.
  7. Follow-me mode. You can concentrate on your activity (if you are biking or kite surfing) and make your drone track you across.
  8. Range. This characteristic shows at what distance you will lose control of your drone.
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Keep in mind these features and select the best drone for you!

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Features to look for when you are selecting your drone
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